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Angry at the World Logo

Angry at the World Logo

Project Details

Angry at the World is a metal band. They wanted a logo that was both legible and appealing to their target audience. Something I noticed when doing research for this project was that a lot of metal band logos were very illegible. They looked cool but you couldn’t read them.

They also requested the use of greens and purples in the final logo. In addition, the logo must be in vector format.

First, I came up with some sketches using old fashioned pencil and paper. I submitted three sketches to the client for him to chose. Once he chose one he liked I began to develop the sketch more on the computer. At this stage I only work in black and white. I believe an effective logo should not rely on color to communicate its message.

After the sketch was fleshed out more in Illustrator, I started to add color. The client wanted the use of purples and greens. I came up with two different color schemes and a monogram style symbol that can be used in different types of marketing materials.

Finally, I created a basic style guide explaining how the logo should be used, the colors, typefaces to use with it, etc.

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